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Hope of Glory Christian Center was organized in June 1980 for the sole purpose of facilitating the vision of Calvin B. Rhone to develop people to exhibit the glory of Christ in daily living, through knowledge of God's Word and awareness of Christ's indwelling.


We first met at the Hacienda Hotel in El Segundo, CA.  Later we moved to Manchster and Vermont in Los Angeles, CA.  We were sure this was our temporary dwelling, when the night before we were to begin Bible Study, a fire broke out in the above apartments.  Damage was severe throughout the entire building facility, with the exception of the area we were leasing.  We grew and remained there for several years.  


A move was made a few years later due to unforseen misfortunes to our present location, 10701 S. Vermont Avenue.  Our growth continues and our purchasing power has been solidified.


With ministries being birthed and members being added, we look forward to a bright future of succeeding in every way.




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